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About the Steakshop

Want to know a little more about us?

Our awesome history:

It all started in 2010...

Back in the day me (Jacques van Tonder) and my father Erhens van Tonder got the opportunity to buy the Welgelegen branch of the well known Vleislapa group. We were very grateful to have this opportunity and be a part of the Vleislapa Group, which was, and definitely still is, well known for their quality of products and services. Through the years we added more and more product varieties, mainly with cooked deli meals, cakes, tarts and all the lekker things we as South Africans love and enjoy.. With all these new products we managed to expand our shop to more than double the original size, in only 10 years!

In 2015 a new opportunity:

In 2015 my parents decided to retire from the butchery life, giving me and my wife, Amanda, the opportunity to take our blessed business even further. With excitement in our hearts and still counting all our blessings, we added a large kitchen department, making even more cooked products, small bakery, fruit & vegetables than ever before. Basically if you can name it, we do it. Which leads us to this moment.

Our new 2020 beginning:

With the big dream of building even further, we started thinking about building our own brand, and maybe even building a butchery franchise in the near future. So we decided to change our company name, and being the name only, we are still committed to deliver top notch quality meat, vegetables and delicious deli products. And by adapting for the digital age, our fancy new website gives our clients to ability to get our awesome products delivered straight to your door step. As from 1 December 2020 we will be known as The Steakshop, we will be known for innovation, even better service & quality.

Looking future forward:

In the future you will hear much more from us. We will continually expanding our exciting offers to you, finding ways to make our customer's life easier. On top of that, we will consider your pocket with our exciting budget deals.

In short, this is still us, the same friendly faces you know, the same butchery vibes you love, still the same dedication to quality and service but with a fresh new look and a bright future dream.

Thank you for reading our about us, we appreciate you, and can't wait to continue being the best butchery you know and love in Polokwane.
Our vision at the SteakShop is to turn any braai into the legendary event that friends and family will be talking about for ages... Or until it is time to braai again.
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