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  • Welcome to the SteakShop

    The best butchery in Polokwane for all your Braai needs!

Unmatched product quality

We pride ourselves in the quality of our meat and deli products, because our clients deserve the very best.

From farm to table

We believe and support our local farming community, all our products are produced and sourced locally.

10 Years of excellence

With over 10 years of butchery experience, we know exactly what excellence looks like in meat.

About the SteakShop:

A family-run business with a philosophy of quality goods, friendly customer service and community centered values since 2010.

From our humble beginnings over 10 years ago, we have started and grown our small butchery into one of the best and well known butcheries in Polokwane. Formally known as Vleislapa Welgelegen, we have rebranded ourselves as the Steakshop, your place for the very best selection of meat, vegetables and and delicious deli foods too.

❛❛ At the Steakshop our mission is to deliver only the highest quality of meat cuts and other top quality products to our clients.❜❜

Our quality guarantee:

Our meat is our pride.

Just like most South Africans, we grew up with the Saturday Braai being the highlight of the week. A time to relax with friends, watch sports and enjoy great food too.

At the very heart of a great weekend, is the main event, the Braai. At the core of the Braai is your meat quality, (no offence to everyone that makes the pap or salads).

And we at the Steakshop believe that great meat makes a great Braai,  and its for this reason that we are so obsessed with high quality, as we believe that our customers always deserve the very best.

If there is one thing you can count on, is that all our products will be ALWAYS FRESH, ALWAYS A WINNER.

Know your meat cuts:

Beef Cuts:
• Neck
• Shoulder
• Cross Ribs
• Shanks
• Plate
• Chuck Ribs
• Loin
• Flank
• Rump
• Round
Pork Cuts:
• Head
• Neck
• Shoulder Butt
• Shoulder
• Loin
• Bacon Strip
• Belly
• Ham
Lamb Cuts:
• Leg
• Loin
• Rack
• Flank
• Breast
• Rack
• Shoulder
• Neck

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Our vision at the SteakShop is to turn any braai into the legendary event that friends and family will be talking about for ages... Or until it is time to braai again.
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